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2 channel and Home Theater with one system, advice needed.

Greetings everybody, long time audio enthusiast here.

I like many of you only have one room available for my audio setup so of course this must include surround (at least 5.1) for movies and general tv with the wife.

My system consists of a Bryston BDP-2, Sony Blu Ray player with digital out and app support, Teac UD-301 DAC, Yamaha CX-A5000 surround preamp, Bryston 4b SST amp powering a set of Focal Aria 926, Bryston 5b powering center/surrounds, Classe Audio DR 10 bridged mono on a pair of JL Audio 12w6v3 in a custom sealed enclosure.

My problem is I want to use an outboard DAC (considering Mytec Liberty) but still need the crossover feature in my preamp. This means that no matter what the preamp will be converting my Teac or Mytec converted analog signal to digital for crossover chores. This is "double dipping the chip" so to speak and certainly cant be good for audio quality.

What options do I have? I could use the direct output feature on the preamp along with a defeatable external analog crossover to enjoy the Mytec. Bypass it for home theater and use it with direct out for 2 channel. Thoughts?

I was also considering just upgrading to the new Yamaha CX-a5200 with its upgraded DA converters and skipping the entire outboard DAC. Really wanted a Mytec or Shiit though, sigh.

Any other options you can think of?

Thanks so much for the input.

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