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$1000+/- PC Setup for a bedroom...

Hey All,

I've grown up in my parents home with the music playing 24/7 and through pretty decent gear at that! I'm currently renting a 10' x 12' carpeted room with a single window, however, and only need a setup for that sized environment. I have a MacBook Pro with all my music encoded with Apple Lossless and simply need a decent speaker system. I've tried numerous PC desktop speakers but they all basically sound like crap with no depth, shrieking highs, muddy mids, and either no bass to boom boom banging on a pot yuck! Please help! I mainly listen to classical, female vocals jazz, and acoustic recordings with a little of everything else thrown in. I'm wondering mainly if the Bowers and Wilkins MM-1 will do for me or if I need a decent bookshelf speaker system. I'm fairly certain I can acquire a decent amp if needed, so speakers would be the main investment.

P.S. I listen to headphones at night and was wondering if a headphone amp/DAC would be enough to power external speakers as well. I was looking at the HeadRoom Micro Amp and DAC. Any thoughts? Thanks in advance...just want to get it right the first time.

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A few options

You have a couple options available for setting up a decent sounding minimalist stereo system.

Option 1: an integrated amp with passive, i.e. not powered, speakers

Option 2: powered speakers

Common for both options: MacBook Pro as source and a combination headphone amp/DAC.

Option 1 gives you more flexibility and easier upgrades in the future.

Option 2 is super minimalist and combined with a good headphone amp/DAC can have very good sound.

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I suggest...

for jazzfan's Option 2 above: AudioEngine 5 powered speakers. Speaking from experience, they're great straight out of a MacBook Pro and even better w/ a headphone amp/DAC like the HeadRoom.
(the B&W's you mention look cool and are probably good too, but I haven't heard them)

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Dynaudio MC 15

powered monitor speakers at the upper end of your budget should be on your list.


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Peachtree Audio Decco2

Based on reviews and buzz, I would be checking out the Peachtree Audio Decco2 integrated amp ($800), which includes a USB input to access your Mac's iTunes library, and a headphone output.

Also based on Stereophile's April 2011 reviews of insanely affordable but quality speakers, I would listen at least to the Wharfedale Diamond 10.1 ($350) and the PSB Alpha B1 ($279).

If you don't have them, speaker stands would cost more - perhaps a couple of months down the road - but if you can carve out the space to get the speakers off of your desk or shelf, you would almost certainly enjoy the sound more.

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I got a pair of Dynaudio MC

I got a pair of Dynaudio MC 15s for the TV in my bedroom and they are nothing short of AMAZING for their size.  I also stream music to them via an Apple TV. Highly recommended ...

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