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Sidebar 2: Associated Equipment

Digital Sources: Apple Macintosh pro G5 computer; Simaudio Moon Evolution SuperNova, Bel Canto e.One CD players; Musical Fidelity XDACV3 D/A converter.
Loudspeakers: Axiom QS8, Definitive Technology Mythos STS, Usher Be-718.
Headphones: Phiaton Moderna MS 400, Shure ES 530.
Cables: Interconnect: Kimber Kable KCAG. Speaker: NuForce RJ45 1m.—Wes Phillips

Company Info
NuForce, Inc.
356 South Abbott Ave.
Milpitas, CA 95035
(408) 627-7859
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Wes's "profile of mass-market headphone amplifiers"

I realize this was a couple years ago now, but I can't find this anywhere. Does anyone know where it is? Not available on the web? (The sound of another internet plea fading into oblivion. Oh well, I had to try.)

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