Sony SCD-1 Super Audio CD/CD player Table 1: SACD vs CD

Table 1: Super Audio CD vs CD
SACD (single layer)CD
Disc diameter120mm120mm
Disc thickness 1.2mm1.2mm
Playback sidesOne One
Coding system1-bit DSD16-bit linear PCM
Sampling frequency2.82224MHz44.1kHz
Disc data capacity4700MB 780MB
Minimum pit length0.4µm0.83µm
Track spacing0.74µm1.6µm
Laser wavelength650nm780nm
Lens numerical aperture0.600.45
Playback frequency rangeDC-+100kHzDC-20kHz
Dynamic rangeMore than 120dB96dB
Maximum playing time110 minutes (2 channels)80 minutes
Maximum track number 25599
WatermarkVisible "Pit Signal Processing"None
Additional functionsText, graphics, video, multiple Textaudio tracks
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