Peachtree iDecco D/A integrated amplifier Specifications

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Description: Solid-state integrated amplifier with built-in D/A converter, USB interface, and digital iPod dock. Inputs: 1 line-level analog, 2 S/PDIF digital (1 coax, 1 optical). D/A signal/noise ratio: 118dB. Preamp output impedance: <30 ohms. Amplifier output power: 40Wpc into 6 ohms (14.8dBW) at <1.0 % distortion.
Dimensions: 14.75" (380mm) W by 5" (130mm) H by 14" (360mm) D. Weight: 23 lbs (10.5kg).
Serial Number Of Unit Reviewed: 0004184, firmware v1.1.
Price: $999. Approximate number of dealers: 104.
Manufacturer: Signal Path International, 2045 120th Avenue NE, Bellevue, WA 98005. Tel: (704) 391-9337. Web:

Company Info
Signal Path International
2045 120th Avenue NE
Bellevue, WA 98005
(704) 391-9337
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jelledge's picture
iDecco Review

I've been hoping for this review to appear and it finally has! Written by my favorite reviewer since "Listening" days.
I owned a Naim system for 15 years which I have passed on to my son who is a big vinyl fan and bought an iDecco. Using a Macbook, iPod Classic or CD player used as a transport, I don't feel like I've given up much of the old PRaT from the Naim system though I will confess that I listen with less intensity than when I was a younger man. Nice review.

soulful.terrain's picture
I felt like....

..I just read a review of the ML 30.5, 31.5 combo.

If this 'china' gear is as good as described... then I blew alot of money on my current gear that was once described in the same fashion.

John Atkinson's picture
Blew a lot of money
The sad fact is that the technical performance it once took many thousands of dollars to buy is now routinely available in chips that cost less than $10 in bulk. And I also own a Mark Levinson No.31.5/No.3o.6 combination - it is still competitive with the best.
soulful.terrain's picture
I hear ya...

... technology happens eh? lol:)

Maybe your like me John, it's tough to even contemplate about getting rid of my 30.5/31.5 combo. :)


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