Oracle Delphi Mk.VI turntable Specifications

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Description: Belt-drive turntable. Speeds: 331/3 & 45 rpm. Built-in drive electronics; electronically controlled speed adjustment (±5%). Finish: silver and black (other finishes available at extra cost).
Dimensions: 20" W by 15" D by 5.5" H (w/o arm). Weight: 28 lbs.
Price: $8500 without tonearm.
Manufacturer: Oracle Audio Technologies, 6136 Blvd. Bertrand Fabi, Suite 101, Sherbrooke, Quebec J1N 2P3, Canada. Tel: (819) 864-0480. Fax: (819) 864-9641. Web:

Company Info
Oracle Audio Technologies
6136 Blvd. Bertrand Fabi, Suite 101
Sherbrooke, Quebec J1N 2P3
(819) 864-0480
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