Kimber/EMM Labs—JA's Equal Best Sound at RMAF

Ray Kimber always gets great sound at shows, but this year, although he was still using four Sony SS-AR1 loudspeakers hooked up with Kimber Select cables and an EMM DAC to play his four-channel IsoMike DSD master files, there was something extra-magical happening in the room. Both pianist Fan-Ya Lin's album Emerging and the Romantic Album from violin and piano ensemble the Formosan Duo, sounded tangibly real. The key, it turned out were the gigantic, 300lb MTRX class-A/B monoblocks from EMM Labs, can be seen in my photo. This brute will output 1500W into 4 ohms and, in Ray Kimber's words, extracts "cheerful obedience" from the speakers it is tasked to drive.

donunus's picture

Sony speakers getting high ranks at RMAF? Wow I never knew they had speakers at this level that can scale up to what the front end components give out.

Dr.Kamiya's picture

I was rather surprised too the first time I heard about Sony's Reference line, but yes apparently they do have some very good speakers (and I have been living under a rock).

JL77's picture

Congrats to Ray and crew. Always a high-level showing at CES and RMAF.

Alex Tien's picture

Missed RMAF this year, bummer...
Hope the MTRX monoblocks will be on Munich HighendShow and on tour to Netherlands?

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