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Audio Classics, Abbenbroekweg 98, 3086 GC Rotterdam, The Netherlands. Tel: (31) (0)10-465-48-33. Fax: (31) (0)10-480-16-92. Web: US distributor: Sumiko, 2431 Fifth St., Berkeley, CA 94710. Tel: (510) 843-4500. Fax: (510) 843-7120. Web: Available accessories: RCD Dust Cover, $79; RCB Fluid Brush (wood)–for dry cleaning, $15; RCB-G Fluid Brush (goat hair)–for wet cleaning, $25; RCS Replacement Strip Brush Set for vacuum tube, $15; RCF Cleaning Fluid Concentrate (makes 1 liter), $12; RCT 12", 10", or 7" Aluminum Vacuum Tube, $50.

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At first you're all "this thing is a joke" and I'm thinking it'll be a pleasure ignoring the Ooki from consideration---then the punchline: it cleans better than the VPI. Dang! Why can't these decisions be clearcut, so that I don't have to think for myself? :)

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Get the VPI.
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I ordered 2 Okki Nokki RCMs early Jan 2014 from ebay. After weeks and months of waiting, chasing, pushing... the seller failed to deliver them to me and kept blaming it's the supply problem.

I wrote an email to Okki Nokki to ask about this. Johan replied and admitted that they have stock problem. Then he asked me for the name of the seller. After weeks of chasing (again!), Johan replied he has emailed to the distributor in Italy and there is nothing more he can do!

I then asked the Italy distributor and the distributor answered me that Okki Nokki told them to wait for another 6 weeks at least! So I wrote to Johan again. He replied me "What do you want from me?... I am selling to Distributors. Not to dealers or customers. So for the rest talk with Audio Reference. Not with me."

This is such a IRRESPONSIBLE response!!!

So think twice if you want to order one and keep your fingers crossed hoping that you can get it!!!

This is such an unacceptable reply from Okki Nokki:

This is my problem. I do not have to accountability to you.

I never told you I was having Okki Nokki’s on stock to deliver before you paid him.

Best regards,

Johan Bezem

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