Parasound Model 2100

Parasound's Richard Schram was delighted to show off the San Francisco company's Model 2100 preamplifier. This $600 preamp is designed for the guy who has a multichannel system—possibly even an expensive one—who feels let down when he listens to his two-channel music.

"There are two reasons for this," explained Richard. "One is that most multichannel systems don't have a decent phono section, which this does, both MM and MC. Also, most bass management only works for multichannel inputs. The 2100 has analog bass management, which includes a variable (20–100Hz) low-pass filter."

Oh yeah, it has a front-panel input for an iPod that features 12dB gain to bring it up to line source level.

No wonder, Richard's excited. Now we are, too.

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