World's Largest Tweeter?

Mirage had a 36" mock-up of their omnipolar tweeter array on the wall, photographed here by Kalman Rubinson. A lot of people (well, me) thought it was real.

Kal Rubinson adds: I turned a corner and saw what any normal person would think was the world's largest ash-tray but, given the context and my psyche, I thought it was Mirage's all-out effort at a center-channel speaker. I grabbed Bob Gassel, Global Director of Training for the Klipsch Group, hoping to have him tell me that this was indeed the ultimate center-channel solution but he disappointed me: It's only an outsized model of their OmniPolar driver. Too bad. I made Bob stand in the picture to give you a sense of scale.

PhilK's picture

Frankly, that would be an awesome center channel. The lower portion is certainly large enough for an array of middle drivers in a sweeping arc, and of course tweeter on top would server the all-important purpose of providing the omnipolar high frequencies.I for one would buy it and hang it on the wall right under the HD Flat Panel.

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