This LP Crashes Hard Drives

Forum member, dbowker, gave me the heads-up on this special Record Store Day LP. With This LP Crashes Hard Drives, ten of my favorite hard-core crate-digging specialist labels came together to release one hell of a deluxe, limited-edition, gatefold masterpiece—just one of the many reasons to raise our voices and rejoice for Record Store Day. The awesome package includes a CD sampler, zines, catalogs, stickers, and posters from all participating labels.

The track list:

Los Destellos: "Guajira Sicodelica" (Vampi Soul)
P.E. Hewitt Jazz Ensemble: "Bada Que Bash" (Now Again)
Group Doueh: "Waya Waya" (Sublime Frequencies)
Noor Jehan: "I Am Very Sorry" (Finders Keepers)
Hypnotic Brass Ensemble: "Marcus Garvey" (Honest Jon's)
Pisces feat. Linda Bruner: "Sam" (Numero Group)
The Monks: "Pretty Suzanne" (Light In The Attic)
Myron & E with The Soul Investigators: "Cold Game" (Timmion)
John Heartsman & Circles: "Talking About My Baby" (Jazzman)
Naomi Shelton & The Gospel Queens: "What Is This" (Daptone)

This LP Crashes Hard Drives is limited to 2000 copies and is a steal at just $9.99. For more details, visit the Numero Group.

Mike's picture

Maybe, maybe not. But U2 does: have this laptop, by the way.

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Hmmm, it makes me want to buy it and rip it to my hard drive.Trey

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