Best Laid Plans

It turns out that Dr. L.R., PhD, does not have two first names. While her last name is spelled just like a very ordinary first name, it is pronounced in a way that makes it something entirely different.

Furthermore, her office is not just a couple blocks away from Stereophile: "I don't know how you got my name," she said, "but if you found it on the insurance website, you should know that I've relocated to a different office..."

It is also very likely, then, that her current suite number — if she even has a suite number — doesn't match with my old apartment number.

She may have still graduated from the same university as my sister, but who cares? Do I even have a sister?

All I know for certain is that she is a woman. At least, I have no reason to believe otherwise. But, really: Who knows?

That's it. That's why logical reasoning makes very little sense to me.

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Buddha's picture

It must be the three or more syllable thing, the sheep entrails never lie.

Clay White's picture

Really useful, those insurance company directories.

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