3D Stephen

In home theater, the latest thing is 3D TV, and while Stereophile doesn’t normally cover Home Theater, I just had to check out the Sony and Samsung 3D demos. With the high-end "shuttered” glasses, the 3D effect was quite startling. However, I thought I’d have a go at producing a 3D-like effect with a 2D image. So here's a photo of Stereophile's assistant editor and blogger Stephen Mejias coming right at you from Montreal—and no shuttered glasses needed! Sony/Samsung, eat your heart out. (For the photographically inclined: this was shot with a Panasonic GF1, 7-14mm Panasonic lens set at 7mm. I love this lens!)

But you'd think after the recent warning he got from his mother, Stephen would have shaved for the shot?

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Jonathan Scull's picture

Alvin of Chipmunks fame!

Lonely man's picture

To think, he still doesn't have a lady in his life. How shocking. Perhaps he could meet one at the cassette owners support group.

bob's picture

A face for radio

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