Simaudio: Reaching for the Moon

Simaudio's Costa Koulisakis was excited to tell us about the company's new "Reach For The Moon" trade-up program. For up to a year after initial purchase, Simaudio customers interested in moving up the Sim price ladder can receive a 100% refund on their well-maintained gear. After the first year, Sim owners can receive a 75% refund on their used gear. "It's a way to stimulate the economy, while building brand loyalty," he said.

Meanwhile, Simaudio was partnered with Dynaudio loudspeakers, and the duo created a refreshingly room- and wallet-friendly system. I was impressed by Simaudio's Moon CD.5 CD player and I.5 40Wpc integrated amplifier. Each piece costs $1200 and sports Simaudio's usual high-level fit'n'finish. These were making lovely music with Dynaudio's diminutive Excite X12 loudspeakers ($1200/pair).

"It's all about value this year," Costa concluded.

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