At the Stereophile Booth

I wonder who will be greeting guests at the Stereophile booth. Will it be every audiophile's favorite booth babe, Rosemarie Torcivia?

We can only hope.

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Erick Lichte's picture

Ooo, will it?

Hans Offsme's picture

Again with the "babe" comments Stephen? How about treating the females you meet as equals and not as sex objects for a change? It's getting old reading your sexist comments and does no service for Stereophile's image.

Larry's picture

Lighten up!!

Jers's picture

Is that the next isue with the Focals on the cover? I hope so.

Stephen Mejias's picture

Jers: Yes, that's our November cover.

Patrick's picture

Hey Larry I think you need to lighten up. Everyone knows that Germans have no sense of humor; why can't you accept him for who he is?

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