Air and Heart

Kara Chaffee has every reason to smile even wider than she's smiling here. Her DeHavilland GM-70 50W SET monoblocks ($11,000/pair) and Ultraverve remote preamp ($2995) were creating one of the most wondrous, air-filled soundstages I have heard. "We aim at the heart of the music," she told me after I had spent a while listening to some of my favorite CDs.

The DeHavilland Electronics were paired with the Wilson Benesch Trinity integrated, stand-mounted, two-way monitor ($10,450/pair) mated with the W-B Torus infrasonic generator ($5950) and Torus Amp ($4350), Gamut CD player ($4000), and Kubala-Sosna Eagles speaker wire and interconnects. With the darker presentation common to most SETs, DeHavilland has achieved something very, very special.

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