The Big Jump

Aerospace engineer James M. Harrell, Jr. debuted his Jumping Cactus Loudspeakers at RMAF 2007. Only available from, these tri-amped, 120lb loudspeakers are housed in sealed aluminum cabinets that feature a Bubinga wood front panel. The speakers are said to have a high measured sensitivity of 94dB. With a frequency range of 65Hz–20kHz., a subwoofer is recommended. The speakers also come with an active XM44 4-way crossover by Marchand Electronics.

For better or worse, Harrell powered the tweeter with a Cary SE1-Signature SET kit from Audio Electronics, the midrange with a Sound Creative SET that he bought on an eBay fire sale, and the woofer with an Audio Source 50Wpc solid-state amp. A Dynaco PAS3 preamp with upgraded power supply, Denon 2910 player modified by Underwood HiFi, PS Audio P300 Power Plant sent to MultiWave P4, and homemade 18-gauge silver-over-copper cabling completed the circuit. Talk about a grab-bag approach to sonics. The resultant presentation was sedate, polite, and relaxed, and exhibited significant midrange presence. How these speakers would sound with other electronics is yet to be revealed.

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