Rapt in TAD

As co-blogger Bob Deutsch noted, the audiophiles indeed turned up for the Show. In buzzing, whirring droves. Opening day attendance was pretty damn staggering.

I wish you were here.

And, here, in the TAD Audio suite, we have a group of engrossed listeners all wrapped up in musical bliss. Let us watch as they strike the audiophile pose—arms crossed, hands on chin.


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Jeff Kalman's picture

You vant bass, vee got bass.

Henry's picture

TAD was the best sound of the show for me. I was blown away by the realism and lack of distortion of the Model 2 speakers.

j's picture

TAD Ref 1 room had the best sound at the show easily ! I've never heard such resolution and realism from a speaker before , regardless of price and technology! After the show I ordered a pair:-)

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