What do you think will happen to the major record labels?

What do you think will happen to the major record labels?
Here's what I think will happen
66% (33 votes)
I have no idea
34% (17 votes)
Total votes: 50

The major record labels were riding high, then hit a major speedbump due to the Internet, high pricing, and mediocre music. What's next? What do you think will happen to the major record labels?

Dieter's picture

If music production at affordable prices and in a format customers want—I'm thinking DRM-free downloads (including via iTunes), with high-quality or low price, or on vinyl or SACD—becomes available, major label will be the past.

Varun J's picture

They will shut doors for the masses! Period. The connoisseurs shall still thrive with their hi-fi SACDs & DVD-As.

craig's picture

If I was an exec at one of these companies and not close to retirement, I would be looking with great urgency for a different career.

kbchristian's picture

Those major labels which fail to keep high standards on their products will dive, the good-quality guys will thrive. The old market law, etc.

S.  Chapman's picture

I don't even know who the "major record labels" are these days. After so many corporate takeovers, aren't they all the same anyway?

J.  Junishev's picture

The key for their survival is the protection of their intellectual properties on Internet. Computer lossless audio formats are the future of music industry.

Anonymous's picture

There is a residual hard core of classics listeners whose personal addiction will never be satisfied by anything less than gigantic orchestras playing complex scores with fully-virtuosic skills. Yes, classical music will survive.


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