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Vinyl surface noise issue

Hi, I was wondering if someone could 'define' an acceptable level of surface noise when listening to a vinyl recording LOUD. Its very audible on my system and I was wondering if there was something in the setup/type of cartridge that may be contributing (I've already cleaned my records).

BONUS: colored vinyl seems to have a noisier floor than black vinyl, I always wondered why this is. Anyone got the answer??

Thanks so much guys,

Jim Tavegia
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Re: Vinyl surface noise issue

If you are talking about cleaning meaning something like the Discwasher brush and D4 fluid, you'll need to go a little further. Look at the low cost Nitty Gritty vacuum disc cleaner for $229. NeedleDoctor You may still have some suface noise, but it will be much less. Also, with repeated playings the noise level MAY increase depending upon what [cartridge (trackability) and tracking force you have been using. Most albums did not use pure virgin vinyl for pressing. If you really listen at loud levels some groove noise will be heard, especially between tracks.

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Re: Vinyl surface noise issue

There are some truly first rate pressings around today which, be they black or red or blue, are dead silent between tracks when played on a good analog front end. Jim hit a good point - do you mean vacuum cleaning? If not, start there. Tell us a bit more about the components of your system. There are lots of vinyl guys here who might be able to help if given more info.

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Re: Vinyl surface noise issue

I could be wrong, but I think he is talking about groove noise in general rather than contamination.

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Re: Vinyl surface noise issue

Since no one can tell what system you have, no one can offer any constructive advice. It can be a system related issue and it is if it is truley surface noise. What gets me is that you say that you can't hear the difference from a cleaned record and a non-cleaned one. That means that one of several things are going on here. Either your Lps are trashed and no amount of cleaning will help, your cleaning process is not really cleaning them, or your system or system set-up does not afford the resolution to allow you to hear it. The last scenario would also be significant for a constant and higher level of background noise. Not all noise is generated by the vinyl and cartridge. Some is contributed to the signal through the table and some is from the phonostage gain. A really high quality system will be very quiet with very clean Lps which are in good shape. If your records are scratched or have groove damage from being played with a real cheapie table, they're toast.

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