The VandersteenTréo

The Tréo ($5995/pair), shown in prototype form at the 2011 CES, is the latest speaker from Vandersteen. Indications are that it offers the same sort of musical accuracy that characterizes all of Richard Vandersteen's designs. It's a three-way design, with a 1" ceramic-coated alloy-dome tweeter, 4.5" tri-woven composite-cone midrange, 6.5" woven fiber-cone woofer, and an 8" subwoofer. Like other Vandersteen speakers, the Treo is time and phase correct. Through the years, Vandersteen has moved away from the strictly functional appearance of the original model 2 and model 3, and the Treo is perhaps a culmination of this trend: the slim, truncated pyramid is stylish as well as functional. My notes on the makeup of the system playing are somewhat difficult to decipher (I need to take a course in remedial handwriting or start to carry an iPad with me), but I can tell you that it used Aesthetix electronics and a turntable source. The LP of Mary Black singing "Babes in the Wood" sounded smooth and engaging.

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Hi Robert,

The electronics in the Vandersteen room at CES 2012 were indeed Aesthetix. The system was comprised of the Romulus DAC/CD Player ($7,000), Janus Signature Preamplifier ($10,000), and the new Atlas Stereo Signature power amplifier ($10,000). The analog source was the AMG Viella 12 ($16,500 with arm) in its CES debut, with a Benz Micro LP-S MR cartridge ($5,000). The system also featured all Audioquest cabling and the newest rack from Harmonic Resolution Systems.


Joe Wessling, Sales Manger

Musical Surroundings

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Thanks, Joe.  Manufacturers/distributors who wish to earn the undying gratitude of audio journalists doing show reports can do so by providing them with a list of the components (including prices) in their demo systems.  Having such a list saves time and avoids the errors in reporting that are bound to occur otherwise. I know--sometimes the demo system doesn't come together until the last minute, and there may be system changes during the show, which makes it difficult to prepare a list of components in "the system.". But nobody said running an audio business was easy :-)


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Hi Robert,

Our thanks for your coverage and for your suggestion. We had provided Vandersteen with a list of components and their prices that could potentially be shared with reviewers. But given the busy show conditions for both you and the folks in the Vandersteen room, this may have been overlooked. In the future we will be sure that you get all the proper information. We are just pleased that you enjoyed Richard's latest creation the Treo. We used his Model 5A Carbon speakers in the Aesthetix room and the sound was simply gorgeous. Richard is a gifted designer and a valued friend of Musical Surroundings and Aesthetix.



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