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Upgrade or Replace?

Hi Friends,
I've got a seven year old system that is still going strong: Maggies I want to keep (MM12s), a Plinius integrated amp (2200i), and a Rotel CD player (RCD-991). I was thinking about getting a separate DAC (like Music Fidelity's X-DACv8) and maybe a preamp (like Music Fidelity's A5CR--although I don't know if it will work with my amp). But I was also considering getting rid of both the CD player and the amp and starting over with the Maggies. What do you think? Let me know and thanks, Andrew

Jan Vigne
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Re: Upgrade or Replace?

Not enough information, HHH. First, we'd need some idea of the budget you're working with and the time frame for the upgrade. Next, without any idea what you think of your present system, we can't do much to advise you on how to change, and certainly not how to improve, the results. After that, why do you think you need to change; or, is this change for change sake? Is there a result you'd like to reach or and area of weakness you'd like to improve? Fianlly, if you are trying to make improvements, have you done all you can to get your present system operating to its best advantage? Have you purchased decent cables and room treatments? Have you set the system up with care or just placed it where it fit? Are you familiar with the sound of real music or is this just you'll know what you like when you hear it?

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Re: Upgrade or Replace?

Changing the electronics to the models you mention sounds to me more like a lateral shift than an upgrade. The newer components you mention might have a different sound signature, but I don't think they would be considerably better than what you have. I think I would upgrade the speakers to the higher end maggies if you like them and then worry about the electronics.

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