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UK rejects music copyright extension
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Re: UK rejects music copyright extension

Quote>> "Under current rules, performers can earn royalties for 50 years from the end of the year when a sound recording was made. In comparison, novelists, playwrights and composers enjoy copyright protection for their life and 70 years afterwards."

Looks like the current crop of legislators in Britain are about as ridiculous in their behavior as the ones here in the US. McCartney deserves composer's royalties, but not performance royalties. Very interesting, as Arte Johnson said, but stupid.

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Re: UK rejects music copyright extension

This seems interesting and please can anyone reading this have a wee looksee at current activity on the postings about caviar and hotdogs?

I seem to have dipped into politics in a big way and am wondering why...I guess it is the never ending technolgy for the people and damn the artists whilst present legislation is force...and I would appreciate some views before diving back into caviar or fish heads (sorry that was a typo...I meant eggs!)

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