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Selling a stereo system


I am looking to sell a stereo system I purchased in 1987 for something more compact and less costly. My question is, what is the best route to take in selling it? I am unsure if it would be considered hi fidelity, at the time of purchase or these days. But, here are the components:

NAD 7250PE Receiver ($700.00)
NAD 6130 Cassette Deck ($350.00)
Rega Planar Turntable ($549.00)
Magneplanar Flat Loudspeakers SMGa - (solid oak trim with black fabric; 4ft. height) ($899.00)

I realize that the system is 20 years old but I was hoping it is still worth something in terms of resale. I may be disallusioned with this hope but I would really appreciate your help with some advice about routes of resale.

Renzo Pella

Jan Vigne
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Re: Selling a stereo system

Look in your local big city newspaper for anyone buying used/vintage gear. Call Audio Classics. Post on Audiogon. Place "vintage audio" into a search engine and find people who buy what you have to sell.

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Re: Selling a stereo system

I think Audiogon is your best bet. You'll reach the most people and it's the most targeted way of selling your stuff.

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Re: Selling a stereo system

I have found Craigslist great for selling locally. I have bought my daughter a car from there, and for me, a cheap set of 901 V (I know, they're probably hated here lol) I just wanted music everywhere in my Poolroom, and I added a sub and high frequency speakers to supplement the Bose defficiency. Back to the subject, you might have luck with it.

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Re: Selling a stereo system

When you're considering selling through a venue where items are usually shipped to the buyer (like Ebay or Audiogon) vs. a venue where the buyer comes to your house (like craigslist) you should consider whether or not you want to open your home to the general public.

There are all kinds of characters out there.

Shipping a turntable can be tricky, but a Rega can generally be easier to ship than, say, an LP12.

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