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Need help, tube preamps

I have a McIntosh MC-60 amplifier that I need a new phono preamp for, preferably tube, but I can't spend more than $1000. The choices seem endless and I'm not knowledgable or patient enough to sift through all of the possibilities out there. Can you guys give me some advice? I'm mainly into mono recordings from the '40s, '50s, and '60s, using CDs and vinyl/shellac at all the speeds. Any help appreciated!

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Re: Need help, tube preamps

You might want to look here:

And here, for their new Metis preamp:

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Re: Need help, tube preamps

Check out the Dennis Had tube preamps. Hes the builder of Cary audio componants.
Upscale Audio has alot of good deals on it.

You also may want to check out Woo Audio
I think its
Look at the woo audio 2,and woo audio 3 models.

The woo audio models also have an excellent headphone jack,if interested.

Prima Luna integrated amps are nice to check out too on the upscale audio site.

Have fun watching that hold in your pocket grow! Sorry about your wallet!

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