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klipsch kg 4.2

I hear these are pretty good... circa early 90's speaker, 10" woofer, 10" passive radiator, 1" tweeter with exponential horn. What do you think, are they good speakers, and how much are they worth?

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Re: klipsch kg 4.2

If you like them they're good.

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Re: klipsch kg 4.2

Hi, waterwithlemon. I think most of us agree with Irishtom. I heard these speakers at "The Good Guys" a few years ago while I was looking for a TV. They were a bit rough in the upper mids and highs. But they were driven by cheap transistors (not necessarily a bad thing, but often so). Nothing in the room sounded very smooth and/or spacious. Sometimes speakers like this one can be spectacularly improved by the right electronics...sometimes not. It sounds like you haven't heard them. If this is so, you should, as Irishtom suggests, hear them before accepting my or anyone else's judgment. Happy tunes, Clifton

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