How long do you expect record labels to continue releasing CDs?

How long do you expect record labels to continue releasing CDs?
For another 20 years at least
33% (125 votes)
10–15 years
21% (79 votes)
5–10 years
27% (105 votes)
3–5 years
14% (53 votes)
A couple of years
4% (16 votes)
Up to a year
1% (2 votes)
It ends this year
1% (4 votes)
Total votes: 384

Clearly, plenty of readers are still committed to CD for one reason or another. How long do you expect record labels to continue releasing CDs?

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tim rhudy's picture

Gonna miss having physical media to touch.

bob's picture

Hard to beat a good CD, and they last longer than LPs.

Yoou's picture

CDs are going to be around or a very long time still.

Rey Bruzonic's picture

They are cheap to make, small, quick to read by a player and good sound quality, for larger files I prefer flash memory than DVD or blue ray, I think CD's may outlive DVD and blue ray disks.

mikernz's picture

CD (and SACD) give good satisfaction to those of us who like the little ritual associated with opening a CD and reading the notes. For those of us with reasonable quality players that are needed to listen to existing collections and whose collections expand, there will still be a need for CDs (and SACDs). That won't stop me from adding a music server and DAC to my setup at some stage, and this development won't stop me purchasing new CDs. Don't foregt that for some types of music dissemination of a band's work is by selling CDs at the time of a gig or concert.

Rob's picture

The LP was supposed to have died in the mid eighties...remember?

tonyE's picture

Who cares? I have not bought a CD for three years... and then I bought a bunch of used ones..'s picture

I reckon around five years. It won't be long before downloading just takes over. It happens very quickly sometimes.

RCB's picture

Many consumers stil want some sort of physical medium. There also needs to be a common format for vehicles before CD's die out


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