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HELP! My reciever died today!!!!

My Yamaha R-100 reciever died today, I loved that machine!!
With todays technology, whats the best way to update my system. I have a t.v., CD burner, 5 disc changer, dual vcr editing unit, in my entertainment system, and need to buy a new reciever or??? ANY SUGGESTIONS???

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Re: HELP! My reciever died today!!!!

After reading your description of your system, my first suggestion would be to buy some speakers. Two would be good. They'll make the music sound lots better and they might even help some of the movies. As for the receiver, the Outlaw RR2150 is the best one I've heard of lately.

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Re: HELP! My reciever died today!!!!

I'm sure this doesn't apply to you, but once, a friend of mine told me his receiver would power up but no sound.

After I told him about the tape monitor switch/button, his receiver came back to life.

Just in case, no offense intended.

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Re: HELP! My reciever died today!!!!

Yes, I get one of those calls from my mom several times a year. "The display says CD on it, but there is no sound."

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Re: HELP! My reciever died today!!!!

You are really lucky that it died; now you have a chance to buy something decent-sounding.

NAD makes some receivers for $300-600 that will sound a whole lot better than the old one ever did; good value for the buck there.

To get some decent speakers at a reasonable price, I find that Wharfedale has a very good lineup.

Good luck!!

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