Classé CP-800 D/A preamplifier Specifications

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Description: Remote-controlled, solid-state preamplifier with touchscreen display, DSP-implemented tone and equalizer controls, 10 digital inputs (AES/EBU, 3 S/PDIF on coax, 4 S/PDIF on TosLink, asynchronous USB, front-panel USB host input for iPods, etc.), and analog inputs (2 pairs balanced on XLR jacks, 3 pairs unbalanced on RCAs). Analog outputs: 3 pairs balanced on XLRs, 3 pairs unbalanced on RCAs, headphones on ¼" (6.35mm) jack. Other inputs/outputs: Ethernet, trigger, CAN-Bus, IR. Frequency responses: 8Hz–200kHz, <1dB, stereo analog bypass; 8Hz–20kHz, <0.5dB, all other sources. Channel matching: <0.05dB. THD+noise: 0.0005%, digital source/bypassed analog source; 0.002%, processed analog source. Maximum input levels: 2V (DSP), 4.5V (bypass), single-ended; 4V (DSP), 9V (bypass), balanced. Maximum output levels: 9V single-ended, 18V balanced. Gain range: –93dB to +14dB. Input impedances: 100k ohms, single-ended; 50k ohms, balanced. Output impedances: 100 ohms, single-ended; 300 ohms, balanced. Signal/noise (ref. 4Vrms input, unweighted): 104dB, bypassed analog source; 101dB, processed analog source; 105dB, digital source ref. 0dBFS. Channel separation: >100dB. Crosstalk (any input to any output): better than –130dB at 1kHz. Standby power consumption: <1W. Rated power consumption: 31W.
Dimensions: 17.5" (445mm) W by 4.78" (121mm) H by 17.5" (445mm) D. Weight: 23 lbs (10.43kg) net, 33 lbs (15kg) shipping.
Serial number of unit reviewed: 2144108, firmware version 1C01.
Price: $5000. Approximate number of dealers: 116.
Manufacturer: Classé Audio, 5070 Franáois Cusson, Lachine, Quebec H8T 1B3, Canada. Tel: (514) 636-6384. Fax: (514) 636-1428. Web:

Classé Audio
5070 Franáois Cusson
Lachine, Quebec H8T 1B3
(514) 636-6384
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