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Back in business after the flood!

It is flood plus 33 days and I have tunes again! Well, tunes over something besides headphones. I got a replacement Denon receiver for my trusty but drowned Denon AVR 3810 or something. The new unit was on HUGE discount at Amazon, I got the Denon AVR3310CI. It has 5 hdmi in and should be able to read my hard drive directly, which could be interesting as I have a ton of cd and higher material on the hard drive.

The speakers are my Infinity Alpha 20s. I am listening to Take Ten by Paul Desmond and Jim Hall. It is just the cd, and it is playing through my ps3 cause the cd player needs a serious dusting. But it sure sounds great to hungry ears!

Man those guys could swing!


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Re: Back in business after the flood!

Good to hear! Happy tunes...

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Re: Back in business after the flood!


This is wonderful to hear.

JoeE SP9
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Re: Back in business after the flood!

I'm glad to hear you have music to listen to again.

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