The $5000 System

The management of SSI requested exhibiting manufacturers, distributors, and retailers to set up—in addition to whatever equipment they wanted to demonstrate—an entry-level system, with a total price of $5,000 or less. Some high-end audio manufacturers had nothing that would qualify, but others stepped up to the plate. Totem and Creek had a nifty little system (see photo below) that featured a pair of Totem Arros, Creek CD player and integrated amp, which have a combined price of $4,100, leaving $900 for cables, etc.

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mauidj's picture
$5000 entry level?

$5000 might be entry level to the 1% or the dedecated hobyists but to normal people it's a big chunk of cash. No wonder the industry is not growing!

MVBC's picture
Arte povera

Indeed this is why it is so critical to spend 5 grands on the right components and spend time on knowing what can be optimized, such as speakers with better drivers in proven configurations. $5,000 is about saving $200 a month for 2 years to get you a decent basic system, hardly a 1%er privilege... So there is nothing wrong in having to wait a bit to get what one wants without having to blame anyone for that.

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Re; $5000 entry level

mauldji wrote:
$5000 might be entry level to the 1% or the dedecated hobyists but to normal people it's a big chunk of cash.

I am not saying $5000 is not a lot of money, but for context, the last reader survey we did 10 years ago revealed that the average amount Stereophile readers had invested in their systems was $15,000.

John Atkinson

Editor, Stereophile

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10 years already


  The world have changed a lot the past 10 years. Maybe you should do a survey again and see if is still the same. It would be interesting.

   As for myself, my system haven't change much at all both in components and price wise.

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And the others

And the others manufacturers who stepped up to the plate were?

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Re: And the others

And the others manufacturers who stepped up to the plate were?

Covered in the stories following this one.

John Atkinson

Editor, Stereophile

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Thank you

But a list would have also been welcome no?

Robert Deutsch's picture
No list

Yes, it would have been good to have a list of designated Sub-$5000 systems, but SSI did not provide one, so I had to keep looking for the little signs.

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$5000 to spend? That's easy...

Its a great time to be a music lover/audiophile, lower priced gear is better than ever and its easy to put together a very good system for well under $5000. If one were already using their computer as a source for FLAC or other CD quality audio you'd simply need a DAC, preamp, amp and speakers. My office system uses the new Parasound Zdac ($475), Creek OBH-22 Passive Pre ($450), a Parasound A23 amp ($999) and at times the NHT Classic Three ($900) or Magnepan MMG ($599) speakers. If you leave out the headphone amps (Little Dot MKIII and Schiit Audio Lyr) and go with the Maggie MMG's that brings your cost to only $2523! $2500 isn't chicken feed but the level of sound quality that you'd have for that price is outstanding. Heck, if we have $5K to play with I'd go with the stellar Magnepan 1.7's ($1999) and we'd still be under budget at only $3923! 

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$5000 to spend? That's easy...

Well said TiFramelock....DAC's nowdays cost under 2K are magnificent and trump CD players that cost only 10k a few years back.  With the money I saved, I can finally buy that Subaru Forrester I have been long coveting.  

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Money well spent.

Not only can you put together a terrific sounding system for well under $5k like I stated above but when you consider how long you'll be able to enjoy said system, its a bargain.

I bought a new Acurus A250 amp and a new pair of Magnepan 1.5QR speakers within a year of each other and sold both 15 years later and recouped $1000 for the pair AFTER using them daily for 15 years!

If I recall corectly the amp cost me $999 new and the Maggies were $1350 so getting nearly half the retail price back after all those years of enjoyment is incredible. Of course I simply put that money into new gear. Name me another elelctronic device/devices that you can use every day for a decade and a half and still get nearly half of your money back. 

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