Cary CAD 211 Founders Edition

Newly unveiled in the Cary Audio room was the CAD 211 Founders Edition amplifier. This fully balanced monoblock retails for $20,000/pair. The amps have taps for 4, 8 and 16 ohm speakers and specified as putting out 70W in class-A, increasing to 110W when pushed into class-AB. They also employ zero feedback so I'm not going to send them to JA's test bench (low-feedback designs seem to make him grumpy). They sounded sweet and full-bodied driving the Marten Coltrane speakers, with cabling by Tara Labs. It is ironic, however, noted JA, that Cary founder Dennis Had retired from Cary in the fall of 2009.

bhagwan's picture

This speaker can only play with Jorma Prime & nothing else. Tara Labs may be a good cable; but not to be paired with Marten Design.This is a 'classic' speaker - 8 years old & needs a 'face lift' [will get it soon]Maybe @ MOC - Munich 2010 - new Marten Design Coltrane ?All the best to Lief - Marten has come a long way & makes some great speakers.What happened to Vitus + Momento coverage ? Where was that ?

Disgruntled One's picture

"They sounded sweet and full bodied ..."No kidding !! They're Cary for goodness sake !All of their gear sounds that way ... aka ...BORING, DULL, LIFELESS, SLOW, THICK, FAT, LAZY, SYRUP-LIKE, WOOLY, ROUNDED, ROLLED-OFF, AND WAY OVER PRICED. Personally, for tube gear, I like Audio Research and Atma-Sphere far much more. I would never buy any of their gear. As for Dennis Had and his choice of business partners, may they bot hdie a horrible death soon so their torment in Hell begins that much sooner.

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