The Art of Tuning

Go forth and find ye cables, tweaks, power products, and low-cost amplification, saith the Lord of Atkinson. Little did I realize how much fun my assignment would be. While I didn't run across any low-cost amplification on my first day at CES, there were cables and tweaks galore.

As luck would have it, the Stereophile outpost in the Venetian was virtually across the hall from Ted Denney's Synergistic Research Inc. Given that the thread on the magazine's website forum about Ted's Acoustic ART Real-Time Analogue Room Treatment now amounts to well over 40 pages, I was delighted to discover that he was prepared to do a demo before the show officially opened. While not even Ted could compensate for my absentmindedness, which led me to abandon his literature somewhere on the 29th floor, I found the demo so convincing that I took copious notes.

For those unfamiliar with this fascinating system, Ted developed it after spending three years sailing the Pacific on a vision quest of sorts. Stopping at Tibetan Buddhist temples along the way, he became intrigued with the use of Tibetan bowls to control and tune sound in the sanctuaries. The result is a tuning system that consists of a suspended blue Vibraton sphere that looks a bit like the planet Saturn, topped by removable tiny magnets; the Gravitron and Magnatron Satellites (small carbon steel bowls that have been zapped by a 2 million volt Tesla coil) that sit atop either magnetic or non-magnetic bases affixed to walls), and a spiked Bass Station that sits on the floor.

In the course of various positionings, removals, and repositionings, I heard the components of the ART system focus and tighten percussion, render a soundstage considerably more three-dimension, clarify a musical presentation rather than leaving it muddy, and considerably tighten and control bass. The active shielding on Ted's cables have an equally remarkable although different effect on clarity. I can understand how the entire set-up might push some audiophiles past their woo-woo threshold, but my ears tell me Ted's products amount to breakthroughs in the field of resonance control, room tuning, and musical expression.

Ted also exhibited his Tesla PowerCell, an AC conditioner that limits neither current nor dynamics. Given how convincing Ted's demos were, I regret that there was no easy to conduct a before and after comparison.

John O'Brien's picture

I gave these a whirl and didn't notice any change in the sound field. I really wanted them to do something to the sound but I guess you get what you don't pay for in this case.

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Hmm,I heard the system at my dealer (Scott Walker Audio) and then auditioned the Acoustic ART System in my carefully set up home system (Ayre Acoustics electronics and Magico V3 speakers). The system improved every aspect of my system. Larger soundstage, deeper tighter bass and clearler more transparent highs. For me this was the best $$$ I've ever spent on audio gear (I've spent pleanty). Highly recomended for anyone looking to take their system up several notches. They're certainly worth a listen.

François Thompson's picture

As an ingeneer, this system can't work. It is against all law of science. This is just using ignorance of people to sell them crap. It is like using a flower to bring peace to the world, you got to believe! The sound industrie is mainly like this, selling crap. Sometime it is useless but good thing kind of crap, like 99.9% copper cable 1 inch diameter, sold for around 1000$ for 2X 20foot cable witch can be proven by easy calculation that at that power(between poweramp and speaker) the possibility of hearing a difference is less than 1/100 of the ear sensivity. The cable is great! but on 20 feet, it is useless. But those bell and stuff is just a scam. Anyway, stealing people is the reason of most of sound business since decade.

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I honestly tried these out at my local dealer and heard no difference at all. None.I noticed that John Atkinson failed to test these as promised also. I guess that says more than anything else about this product.I spent my $3000 on better speakers and glad I did.

George Haley's picture

After reading about these bowls online, I decided to try them out.Lets just say I didn't buy them. Maybe some people hear things that aren't there so in that case spend your money as you wish. I find it strange that Mr. Denny can't provide any measurements of any sort yet he claims to be able to hear an audible difference. I think he's blowing smoke up our butts.

Ted Denney's picture

We will be demonstrating the Acoustic ART System along with new cable and AC technologies at this year's RMAF. I invite everyone attending the show to stop by our room and decide for themselves. With what we have planed, this year’s demonstration should send the nay-sayers into a tailspin; you be the judge. Ted Denney, Lead Designer Synergistic Research Inc.

George Haley's picture

Ted you can give all the demos you want but you can't even supply any measurements? You had over 2 years to show us what your bowls could do, yet you never bothered to do anything other than turn tail and run. Good luck fleecing the public, I'm sure your great at that.

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George,What is your take on audio cables and power cords? How do you measure the affects of cables and power cords on a system? I've used them for years to elevate my systems performance far beyond what is possible with cheap cables but I've never seen measurements that quantify why one cable or power cord is better then another. I'd like your take on what we audiophiles know to be true- namely that not everything that can be heard can be measured.

George Haley's picture

"Pundit" or TED (how about using your real name instead of hiding?) Mr.Denny has had 2 years to show us measurements. Remember the REW graphs he strutted around the forums as "proof"? He obviously thinks they can be measured yet turned tail and ran off when confronted that the "proof" was either an error or just plain fakery. So you are saying the bowls can't be measured YET the acoustic results to the listener is so obvious? LMAO nice try bringing up power cords and audio cables since it seems NO ONE bothers to measure those either. So what's the big secret demo Ted is going to do at the RMAF that's going to WOW everyone? yeah right.


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