Vandersteen Twofer

Eneke (left) and Jaclyn Vandersteen flank Vandersteen's new composite Ebony Quatro ($10,700/pair). The wood Quatros are quite different from the speaker cloth covered $6950/pair Quatro Michael Fremer reviewed in Stereophile.

"Quite a step up for a wood cabinet," I joked.

"I always swore I'd never spend one single buck on cosmetics that I could put into sound quality," Richard Vandersteen thundered. "And I didn't start with this one. It's a very different animal, from the X-material plinth to the new composite Ebony, which gives me a consistency I've never gotten from any wood enclosure."

Paired with Ayre's MX-R monoblocks, the Quatro was making music that was detailed, easy on the ears, and almost frightening in its dynamic range. "That's a lot of speaker for ten grand," I said.

"The Quatro's a great speaker and I think nothing comes close for the money, but the changes we put into this model are pretty scary—but don't quote me."

How could I resist?

Russ Lachow's picture

Some people say Richard's speakers are not much to look at; I disagree. However, he sure has a nice looking family.

Christian's picture

I don't they're really Vandersteens- they're too gorgeous. I think Richard hired out "booth babes" for his suite this year.

Nestor J Salguero's picture

I am a big Vandersteen fan, presently owning a pair of 2Ce Signatures and a 2W subwoofer. The Quatro is awesome, someday I hope to have a room large enough to make them justice -:)And yes, those are really his "babes", mom and daughter. A lucky man indeed. Mr. Vandersteen you have the best potential Son-In-Law right here :-)

Someone help!'s picture

I and my wife have been fans of Vandersteen Speakers and happily lived with 2Ce. Recently I acquired Original 2W subwoofer with a cross over box and filter modules. Is there any way to get User Guide to see how it should be hooked up? Is original 2W similar to 2Wq?

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