Tube Bling

Why would adult audiophiles do this to themselves? We have no idea. Kevin Deal and EveAnna Manley show off their latest tube blingware. Their dentists made a pretty penny knocking out their front teeth and adding the "Tubes Rule" matching grills. Yes, this stunt did get a photo in our blog.

Kevin Deal's picture

EveAnna and me were there to represent and here ya go....da popparazzi. Mostly trasistor-driven tube playa-haters.Well...we don't become nobodies audio punk. Dem grills on our teeth cost $100. You see anyone else drop a C note like that at at CES? Maybe Bill Gates...... Kevin "Tube-Pac" Deal and EveAnna "E" Manley

EveAnna Manley's picture

I, for one, will never do another trade show without my Tube Bling.Tube Bling Rules.

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