Burmester's B100 Speaker

Dieter Burmester, president of Berlin-based Burmester Electronics, beamed as we listened to Madeleine Peyroux's Billy-Holiday-like rendition of "Dance Me to the End of Love" (CD, Careless Love, Rounder, 1161-3192-2) being played over his new full-range loudspeaker, the B-100. I felt that it was the most holographic, three-dimensional reproduction of this song (a personal favorite of both mine and Dieter B.'s) that I have yet heard. Although the price has not been announced, the B-100 is taller and 40kg heavier than its predecessor, the B-99 and should exceed, by a proportional amount, that speaker's $49k/pair price. The B-100 features a new double-ribbon tweeter/horn arrangement that I feel accounts at least in part for the new speaker's jaw-dropping transparency and effortless highs.
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Bill Hemmond's picture

The first Burmester loudspeaker, that sounds really perfect. The best sound on the show.

Donald N.'s picture

Another product for me to drool over...by the way - don't cancel my subscription! I love to gawk..I mean, read about reference, state-of-the-art products!

Ianni' Rocco's picture

The absolute best sound that I heard untill now. I hope to buy the B100 in next ( as soon as possible) future, together 1 (one) more amp 911 mk3 in order to use the mono-amp configuation.Rocco Ianni'

david cooper's picture

best sound, best show, nice people and an unbelievably good speaker - b100!

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