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Speakers Advice!

Question 1: Speakers versus Hometheater system
Question 2: Powered versus Amp + Passive Speakers?
Question 3: Need of a DAC?

P.S. - It's all about Music, Music & Music and very little movies!

I shortlisted - 
AudioEngine A5+ Premium Powered


AudioEngine P4 Premium Passive Bookshelf + AudioEngine N22 Desktop Audio Amplifier


AudioEngine A2


wait for AudioEngine A2+.

Also, suggest if these is anything better in this price bracket.

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More details

With some more details and narrowing down, you can get a pretty sweet setup. What sources will you primarily be listening to? Do you have amplification already? It sounds like you are wanting to have desktop speakers for a computer, and you want to just run the audio out at line level into powered speakers.

The sound cards built in to computers are lacking in the audiophilia department, so if you want to listen to music on the computer, a fair suggestion would be to get a DAC. Micromega's MyDAC and Audioquest's Dragonfly are both fairly well-regarded DACs on the less-expensive side of things, and Audioengine's D1 is probably the cheapest to convert 24/192 files. So consider the price point, form factor (the Dragonfly is about the size of a jump drive), and performance - along with the files you plan to listen to.

For my taste, I prefer outboard amplification - separates or integrated - as distinct from the speakers. But check recent editions of "The Entry Level" in this magazine for ideas for speakers like Pioneer's new little ones or even the Dayton Audio B652 (budget-central). Good luck!

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Thanks man!  As far as

Thanks man! 

As far as source is concerned it will be my laptop/ipad/ipod.

So a DAC should do the trick? 

Also what about a DAC + A2 or wait for A2+?

A separate DAC like the ones you mentioned would be better?

Bill B
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agree with the AudioEngine route.  I have the 2's and the 5's and love them all, and they really seem to be the best for their price. I haven't heard the P4's w/ the N22 amp but am sure that's good too.

You can do without a DAC (since you already have one built into the computer) - but an external one will be better.

the AudioEngine D1 is a good DAC.  Yes it can decode 24/192, through optical connection, but via USB connection it doesn't decode higher than 24/96.

You'll use the DAC with your laptop.  I think you can run an iPad into it too.  But I don't think there's a good way to connect the iPod to the DAC, since it doesn't output digital data through its sync cable (at least not easily ).  Although if you use Airplay or another wireless scheme, you will send digidata that way from the iPod.

I like the A2's especially when used with a subwoofer.  The 5's don't really need a subwoofer, but you can still add one.  Depends on how low & loud you want to go.

I don't know what the difference between the A2 and the A2+ will be.  It might be convenience updates but not sound quality changes - that's essentially the way the A5 went to the A5+.

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Thanks man! So A2s with a

Thanks man!

So A2s with a sub and may be a DAC would be the best combination I guess.

Any other options I can consider? 

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KRK RP5G2 Rokit G2 Powered

KRK RP5G2 Rokit G2 Powered 2-Way Active Monitor versus AudioEngine A5 ?

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Depending on your size limitations I'd check out the new JBL powered monitors too.   I'm fond of the Harmon design approach and they have some attractively priced versions that should sound pretty good.

I just bought a pair of the 8" versions to hook up to my iDecco which is used for streaming audio via the Apple TV.    Great way to have instant access to a nearly infinite music library.   

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More of more details

To add to BRuggles comments, a powererd speaker would work when space and simplicity is important. A downside is that if you upgrade to non-powered speakers, you don't have an amp ready. A powerful amp provides flexibility to work with more speakers than a low-powered amp.

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need advice

Have Audio space 3.1 KT 88 integrated tube amp/ and Parasound A21 power amp music tastes are classical jazz

 classic rock reading reviews on Bryston T speaker says it has effiecient 91 db looking to play all sorts of music

switching between s/s Parasound A21/ Audio Space 3,1. Using Madison Audio Lab Extreme  interconnects and speaker

cable running Shanling CDT 2000 Tube CD player

  Any advice welcomed

  Anyone review Bryston Model T speakers!


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