Proceed CD player Review System

Sidebar 1: Review System

The playback system used to evaluate the Proceed included an Audio Research SP-14 preamplifier, VTL 225W monoblock power amplifiers, and MartinLogan Sequel II loudspeakers. Speaker cable was AudioQuest Hyperlitz Clear, and interconnects were Magnan Type V (CD player to preamp) and Expressive Technologies (preamp to power amps). All components were plugged in to a Tice Powerblock/Titan combination.

My dedicated listening room has optimum dimensional ratios and is treated with Phantom Acoustics Shadows, an active low-frequency control system.

For reference, I compared the Proceed with a Marantz CD-94 (to which I have listened extensively), the Kinergetics KCD-40, and California Audio Labs' Tempest Special Edition. Source material included CDs I had engineered or those recorded when I was present during the recording session.—Robert Harley

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