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Good hip hop headphones

Hi guys, im new here :)

Im looking to buy some new headphones, im thinking of spending up to £280 (450 USD?). Im looking for headphones ideal for rap or hiphop, you know,  powerful bass, but not muddy or overpowering mids and highs. Im thinking of bose QC15, mainly because they have NC features. My question is, what head phones would you guys suggest? I'd preferably want durable headphones that do not leak!!!


Thanks Guys :) 

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hip hop headphones

I've listened to the bose for a little bit and really didn't like them.  Some people dislike Bose "a priori"; I had no preferences but thought they were overboosted in the mid bass and the listening was unpleasant.  If you want bass-y headphones w/ hip hop style try the Monsters by Dr. Dre.  They have a couple models in your price range.

Or Sony MDR-XB700, good quality, bass-y, and for only about $130 USD.

Or check out for wide selection and recommendations.

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The only Beats by Dre. worth

The only Beats by Dre. worth getting are the Pros. You should be able to find them under $400.

I'd recoment Klipsch Image ONE's or the Sony XB500, both of thoes are well under $450. The Bose QC15's are the best noise cancling cans out there but only get them if you need that.

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  I have skullcandy agent


I have skullcandy agent royksopp headphones and they are really cool, the sound quality is so neat you would think you are at a music studio. Actually all the things I've heard about that brand were mostly good. Some people say that some models do not last long but anyway it depends on how you use your headphones (I've been using mine for about 3 months already). You can see Skullcandy at, I always shop there. 

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