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Goldring vs. Music Hall vs. Pro-Ject Turntable

I am in the market for a turntable and am considering:

1. Goldring GR 1.2

2. Music Hall MMF 2.1

3. Pro-ject Debut III

I would greatly appreciate any comments on the pros and cons of the turntables.

Jim Tavegia
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Re: Goldring vs. Music Hall vs. Pro-Ject Turntable

I am a Rega fan so the Goldring might be an easy choice...accept that all these table come plug and play with a cartridge. I would certainly want to audition all of them before I bought. The RB 250 arm is hard to beat. Check the specs and see if any of these are using spherical stylus. This will have a discernable impact on sound quality. I think the Oyster carts used to do this. Enjoy your ride in vinyl.

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