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Floorstanding or Monitor?

After years of owning various stand mounted monitor speakers I finally purchased a set of floor standing models to my liking. A reviewer recently made the observation that no matter how well a small two-way bookshelf speaker can play music, there are certain parameters of musical reproduction that are best achieved by putting more and larger drivers into a bigger cabinet. My experience with my new floorstanders in my large (400 s.f.) room seems to have validated this, at both high and low volume levels, despite the fact they may fall short of typical monitor speakers known attributes in certain areas. Overall, I just find my floorstanders more musical. Of course hearing/auditioning and

Jim Tavegia
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Re: Floorstanding or Monitor?

I use monitors as I am looking for detail and 3d, but I am sacrificing "full range" as my speakers go strong to 50hz, decent at 40hz, but are certainly down 3-6 db, and at 30hz absent except when within 1 foot of the speaker. Since most of my musical preferences are not loaded with LF it is not that much of a problem. I tried using 2 subs with them, but could not really get the match I was looking for.

The B and W's just reviewed in Phile (603's) are worth considering at their $1K price tag. The reviewer certainly sang their praises. My monitors were the same price. Any of the Triangle floor standers are worth an audition as they are efficient and sound spectacular. With a 40 watt tube amp driving them it is very, very nice.

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Re: Floorstanding or Monitor?

In general, I prefer monitors for the same reasons already mentioned. However, given a big enough room dedicated solely for audio, I would have both.

If my tastes ever turn to orchestra music, it will be floor-standers without question.

Anthony Tam
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Re: Floorstanding or Monitor?

For my musical preferences, priorities and budget, I prefer standmounts. There are a few exceptions but since my listening space is small, standmounts seem to fare better within the room acoustic.

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