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Do you love John Coltrane? Check this out!

You may have seen this already but if not, here goes:


Jeff Wong
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Re: Do you love John Coltrane? Check this out!

It's funny... I saved that animation almost exactly a year ago on March 13th 2005. I quite like the timing and movement as related to the tune.

Jim Tavegia
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Re: Do you love John Coltrane? Check this out!

Very neat video.

Your original point is I love listening to Kind Of Blue and compairing Coltrane to Adderly and their styles and the "sound" they each get from their instruments. Thanks to John Marks' article on KOB for sharing the positions, but I am sure fans of each player already knew who was where in the soundstage. The channel changes from later recorded track would have been the quiz of the day.

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