47 Laboratory 4715 D/A processor & 4716 CD transport Specifications

Sidebar 1: Specifications

Description: "Zero-oversampling" 16-bit D/A converter and companion CD-only playback transport, both with remote power supplies. D/A input: coaxial only (S/PDIF). D/A output: phono jacks (unbalanced). Maximum D/A output level: 2.1V. Transport output: S/PDIF on 2 phono jacks. HDCD: No.
Dimensions: 4715: 3" W by 3" H by 3" D (DAC), 3" W by 3" H by 6" D (power supply). 4716: 11.25" W by 3.25" H (including clamp) by 7.25" D (CD transport), 3" W by 3" H by 6" D (power supply).
Finishes: Dark gray Shigaraki ceramic (DAC, power supplies), brushed stainless steel with integral Shigaraki ceramic platform (CD transport).
Serial numbers of units reviewed: 80072 (DAC, auditioning); 80030 (DAC, measuring); not found (CD transport).
Prices: $1250 (DAC), $1750 (CD transport). Approximate number of dealers: 13.
Manufacturer: 47 Laboratory, Kichijoji, Japan. US distributor: Sakura Systems, 2 Rocky Mt. Road, Jefferson, MA 01522. Tel: (508) 829-3426. Fax: (508) 829-3426. Web: www.sakurasystems.com.

47 Laboratory
US distributor: Sakura Systems
2 Rocky Mt. Road
Jefferson, MA 01522
(508) 829-3426

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