Teresonic Speakers Play Loud

One of my last stops at THE Show at the Flamingo was the Teresonic room, where Mike Zivkovic demmed his 6'-tall single-driver Ingenium Silver Edition speaker using his own single-ended 2A3 tube amplifier. According to Mike, the amp uses interstage and output transformers from Lundahl and "there is not a capacitor in the circuit."

The Ingenium's cabinet is constructed, Mike says, more like the "body of a musical instrument", which I assume means that it is intentionally live but with the panel resonances spread evenly to minimize coloration. The speaker loads the rear of its Lowther drive-unit with something between a quarter-wave horn and a transmission line to achieve an astonishing specified sensitivity of 100dB and LF extension to 30Hz, –3dB. Once I had gotten used to the rather idiosyncratic treble presentation of the Lowther, the sound of the Ingeniums from LP did have superb dynamics and clarity, with good bass extension.

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Igor's picture

If nothing else, then full marks for cabinetry and finishing!

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