Westone 4R In-ear Headphone Sweepstakes

Register to win a set of Westone 4R In-ear Headphones (MSRP $599.99) we are giving away.

According to the company:

The Quad-Driver Westone 4R-Series with durable and removable EPIC cable take your listening experience to an entirely different level. Four symmetrically balanced armature drivers engineered into an advanced three-way crossover network deliver breathtaking clarity, realism, and imaging. Left and right earpiece responses are tested by each driver pack and matched to an extraordinarily tight +/- 2dB tolerance, delivering unparalleled balance and accuracy of sound-stage reproduction.

The 4Rs are made for high-performance listening through personal audio devices such as an iPod, media player, computer, game console, and headphone amplifier. 50+ years experience with in-ear applications has yielded a low-profile, lightweight, universal earpiece which delivers maximum comfort and in-ear coupling for dynamic transfer of sound.

4R-Series earphones ship with Westone’s new Monitor Vault. Designed specifically for transporting high-end earphones and manufactured in Colorado of a high-impact polymer, it’s the perfect size for travel and storage. Each Monitor Vault features a protective foam interior and weather resistant design.

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[This Sweepstakes is now closed.]

trevor gearhart's picture


georghem's picture

Fetch hither my headphones.

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P.C.'s picture

I'm feeling lucky : )

rocha_celso's picture

They are perfect ! To my ears :-)

Wildblue's picture

Those earphones look awesome.  Hoping to win!

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Linger3636's picture

Hook me up with some good ear buds please!

eliotc's picture

Hey, sounds great!

WillWeber's picture

to win

Macgirl's picture

Macgirl's picture

Would love to win these. Thanks for the contest!!

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Eidolonsix's picture

What?  Only $599 for a set of earbud headphones...

adragon69's picture

I fly often. Would love these!

ohcanadaguy's picture

These headphones are utterly gorgeous

donunus's picture

I need a good IEM. Ship those to me please

winson's picture

really hope that can win this >< 

panicroom's picture

Just what I need.

Merkin's picture

If that doesn't blow your merkin up, nothing will.

jtotive's picture

I would love to win these awesome in ear headphones!  AND if I do, everyone better leave their grubby hands off my stuff!!!!

tdherbert's picture

I've read a lot of great things about these!

landon135's picture

Please send.

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jmorris28's picture

I mean, come on ... if you want me to stop using the 'other' brand IEM .... :)

jcbenten's picture

I am in!

mikepbrowning's picture

These rule

Timoman's picture

and I want to win them!

GarySav's picture

I already have the UM2, UM3X, and the W4, but having the W4R sure would be swanky.

vinht23's picture

I want one, please.

Et Quelle's picture

At this price point, they should be good!

sbjork's picture

 . . . but there may be an expletive or two coming from my house if I win!

eMan80's picture

probably not me :(

anjeza1987's picture

Give it to me please...

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aw's picture

Count me in!!

Typ500's picture

Win me a 4r :)

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jensy's picture

I've been tempted to get a pair of these, to do some detailed reviews. Winning a pair would definitely help with this.

Thanks guys. How exciting - good luck, everyone!

giganticnorskie's picture

I love my Shure e210's but would love a set of these.

bolt's picture

Count me in.

lauracheri's picture

Winna Winna Chicken Dinnaa!! 

would love a pair of these bad boys! 

check910's picture

These would be a huge upgrade from my SE215s

Pick me please!

rupaul's picture

wooooooo! would love to try these out!

westone ftw

rupaul's picture

accidental double post. please remove!

cookie1983's picture

Please let me win good fortune :)

bakoelsch's picture

Oh, indeed!

noloc45's picture

I love Westone! Hope I can win a pair!!

pstvone's picture

Yes please!

tmoorthy's picture

Westone rocks! Hope to win a pair!

Lonestar003's picture

perfect for my ears!

Rayna_amalia's picture

I tried my boyfriend's Westone 3's, and I loved them! But there was a little too much bass for me. I did some research, and the 4r seems perfect. I wish I had some Westones of my very own!

cm_mtb's picture

Nice upgrade from my W2...

alexlcw's picture

So that I can share the good quality sound with my family

twoace88's picture

I would love to have another companion of Westone after my Westone UM3X.


curly21029's picture

Wondering how these sound vs. Etys.

redsandvb's picture

my entry

Holygeezer's picture

I would love to have these as a way of listening on the go.

lidlek's picture

would like this for fathers day 

Nerazzurri's picture

Want to get a replacement!

matthewb's picture


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Carlos Chavez's picture

I really really need them. Please :D

icecapt's picture

Hope winning them would prove me wrong

kitsang's picture

excited for the lucky draw

jpb4321's picture

Count me in!

Resolance's picture

Good luck everyone ^_^

capdever's picture

I would love to hear these!

lithium's picture

If I win these.....

nerowin's picture

I would love to win these iems!

noirx7's picture

Would like a pair of these!

frankisyb's picture

waiting for these...:)

RTFD262's picture

These would go quite nicely with the ES2's I just ordered

jasecu's picture

Yes please. 

Welly Wu's picture

If I win or not.

ldnola's picture


BrentS's picture

I would definitely love to have those!

detekton's picture

My 2 month old UM2 pair just fell apart.

OracleAlchemist's picture

I've never heard a pair of IEMs to beat the 4R. Though the UM3X was pretty great too!

detekton's picture

help replace my 2 month old UM2 pair that just fell apart

khulk's picture

Love Westone products. Great company.

agrave02's picture


For maximum justice

Ivabign's picture

I'll listen to a pair of W4's!



rolphi's picture

That I lost in a hotel in Pittsburgh. I'm hoping that someone is out there enjoying them. These would be an excellent replacement!

SET Man's picture

    Four drivers per side? Wow...that's more drives than my home speaker.

SET Man's picture

  Sorry, clicked twice

dokehead's picture

Oh my guish!!! I would love to hear what I've been missing!

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5370H55V's picture

I would love to win a pair of these

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