Did you go to an Audio Show this Year?

In his October 2011 “As We See It,” John Marks described the recent rise in the number of regional audio shows as a result of the decrease in local hi-fi dealers. What we want to know is…

Did you go to an audio show this year?
After voting, feel free to describe your experiences, what show(s) you attended, or future plans in the comments section

Did you go to an Audio Show this Year?
Yes, and it was...
55% (228 votes)
No, and here's why...
45% (190 votes)
Total votes: 418

Ariel Bitran's picture

I was stuck commanding the fort at the Stereophile offices.

leejermon's picture

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soulful.terrain's picture


Went to Axpona in Atlanta this year. Great show!

rodel329's picture

I attended the "Festival du Son et Image" in Montreal as I do every year and I was impressed by the surprising amount of vinyl being played.

tmsorosk's picture

I would dearly love to attend an audio show , but the nearest one is very far away . They should have these shows in different cities every year so more audiophiles and would be audiophiles can atternd , instead of the same handfull of locations , but who wants this hobby to grow .


                                                               Regards  Tim

jeffca's picture

As if working for a giant software company doesn't surround me with enough dweebs, I'd blow cash to go to a sausage fest as pictured above? And have to listen to half the idiots talk about how great vinyl is? And, worst of all, be in some burg where their idea of good beer is Heinekin?

Not on your life. May be, if there was a show in a cool spot where you could get lots of cool brews, good food and there were some nice-looking females within a 2 block radius of the event.

Philadelphia International Audio Show? When it arrives, I'm there.


Stephen Mejias's picture

 Not on your life. May be, if there was a show in a cool spot where you could get lots of cool brews, good food and there were some nice-looking females within a 2 block radius of the event.

The Atlanta AXPONA show, the California Audio Show, THE Show Newport Beach, the NYC AXPONA show, the Montreal Son et Image Show, the Rocky Mountain Audio Fest in Denver, the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, the High End Show in Munich, and Top Audio Video in Milan, albeit with varied levels of success, all seem to fit that description.

Philadelphia International Audio Show? When it arrives, I'm there.

Ohhh...you're from Philadelphia! No wonder.

jeffca's picture


Any idiot from Philly knows you can't get any good beer in Atlanta, Newport Beach, Montreal, Las Vegas or Milan. Forgoing ATL (a deadly, sweltering pest hole that makes West Philly look inviting) & Vegas (cool, but tacky like any casino mecca), the others, I imagine are quite nice, but getting a decent beer is next to impossible.

Denver has Avery Brewing, but that's about it. NYC? Yeah, they got good beer, but no more than Philly (going by the Beer Advocate web site). Munich? That I can't argue with, especially during Oktoberfest.

Say what you may about Philly, but we are the beer capital of the US. We got that, the Phillies and just about nothing else.


volvic's picture

jeffca you joking? You get out much? No good beer in Montreal, Milan, Newport Beach? Really? Besides I thought this was a hi-fi site. 

DLKG's picture

Axpona Atlanta.  So much fun.  I wish it was in Philly where they have good beer though!cheeky

Pro-Audio-Tech's picture

The Newport Show was quite the busy show, hoards of people actually! Great rooms and lots to keep you busy, I went all three days. Nice that they had music and also a bar in the lobby, served great beer.

Highlights were the MBL room, Lotus Group with Aesthetix and Granada speakers, and all the rooms with open real tape decks. Are those guys cheating with master tape playback, if so more rooms should use them and level the field.

The capital Audiofest while a smaller event really grew from year one to year two, maybe year three will be even better. There were some great rooms and then some that looked like do it yourself stuff someone built in their garage (?). The highlights were MBL with the United Home Audio open reel tape decks, dynamic as hell and so 3D, just stupendous. Those guys had the best sound I ever heard, by far, no contests, turn out the lights, GOOD NIGHT Mrs. Calabash--wherever you are .

cwb3rd's picture

Held at the Ambassador Hotel in Kaohsiung, Taiwan.  Excellent variety of components from all over the world.  Best sound was in the Wilson Sophia room.  Sophia speakers being driven by VTL electronics.

Not as many tube driven systems, as expected.  Turntables were in most rooms, but the majority of music was coming hi res files.

Best part was introducing a Danish friend to what a system should sound like...he is now shopping.

kager's picture

How about Stereophile having a win a show contest so some poor slob like me can go??

Ok, it was just a thought... 

FlyhiG's picture

Attended the local audio event at Overture Audio in Delarware. The featured McIntosh gear in the show. Loved it.

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