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There it is again...there's a funny sound at first, then a really bad smell...

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ChrisS wrote:

There it is again...there's a funny sound at first, then a really bad smell...


  LOL , Good one Chris .

 Still haven't figured out why they allow some of these folks here . It really degrades the quality and integrity of this forum and is an insult to all . I hope the administraters understand that there are lots of young up and coming audiophiles , Including my 12 year old daughter that view this forum as well as read the paper Stereophile . It's interesting how the paper mag can be written and assembled with such integrity but that  professionalisim has not continued here .

They have already lost a few good posters and will have to clean out the dirt if they want us to continue here for much longer . 

Ariel Bitran
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Thanks Tom

I have noted this.

There's a funny line on the internet, especially in terms of forums about the freedom of speech and type of dialogue used.

At the moment, if you feel uncomfortable with something posted here, feel free to use our "Mark As Spam" option so that you the user can bring these posts to our attention.

In th meanwhile, I'm moving this thread to the Dead Zone.

As ChrisS said: "There's that smell again."


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