Ayre DX-5 Universal Player

Here's Ayre's Steve Silberman holding the new DX-5 universal player that can handle not only SACD, CD and DVD-Audio, but also DVD and Blu-ray discs. Think of it as an Oppo BDP-83 on super steroids. In fact the company starts with an Oppo drive and MPEG processor and throws everything else out, adding in a new power supply and all the important digital bits. Wrapped up in a beautifully machined package and retailing somewhere around $10,000, pre-orders begin next week, and deliveries should happen sometime in the first half of February.

Matt's picture

Hi JimA,>>>just because they express their opinion.Yeah, I'm fine with that. But this person has gone well beyond that. If you do a search on "Ayre DX-5", you'll see multiple postings on multiple blogs where one person (under multiple aliases) has posted demonstrably wrong "opinions" about the Ayre. If this person had directly compared the Ayre and Oppo and reported his/her opinion, cool! Instead, this person has repeatedly written intentional misinformation. I call that trolling. YMMV.

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Physical media are dead. Spending $10K on a device to play spinning discs in 2010 makes about as much sense as buying a high end mini disc player.

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I am a fan of the scenario:1) Hi Res computer file2) USB3) ???4) DAC5) Profit.So what is the ultimate future capacity required of the USB connection? 11.2 x 24/192 = uhm my math sucks. I think we need at least USB 2.0 speeds but possibly 3.0. The 11 comes from 1 speaker in each corner of the room (8) + center + front L & R. The speaker per corner thing comes from a conversation with the folks at Audyssey. The goal of all that is to handle music + home theater in one system.


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