YGA Factory Tour

My phone rang and it was Dick Diamond, sales manager for YG Acoustics. "We'd like you to visit our factory and see what we're all about," Diamond said.

Hmmm. I'd visited YGA's rooms at CES and various HE shows. I'd heard their speakers, which were obviously very well made. But I'd also listened to Yoav Geva's sales pitch, which was, shall we say, heavy on the superlatives. In fact, Stephen Mejias even coined a neologism for the audio lexicon: to be "yoaved". But, after all, talking to loudspeaker designers and exploring the ways in which speakers are made is my job.

"Sure, Dick," I said, "I'll probably be coming to Denver in September for CEDIA, I could tack an extra day onto the trio and come see you guys in Arvada."

"That's some time off and we'd prefer to do it when you're less frazzled than at an audio circus. Why not come the week after next? I'll even meet you at the airport—you won't need to rent a car or anything."

So I booked a redeye to Denver. (Inadvertantly—Expedia, why oh why won''t you list flights in military time?)

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Long before the military adopted it, it was railroad and astronomical time. Anybody know about others before those uses?

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Are you watching Alon Wolf?

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Take the time to listen to these speakers, you will not be dissapointed, we have heard just about everything in high end audio and found the YG's to be truly world class. Listen to them side by side with the Wilson Alexandria, the Magicos or the big JM Labs and you will pick the YG's over each of these for greater clarity, detail, and neutrality. But dont take our say so on this - LISTEN TO THEM ... you will not be wasting your time.

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Wes, well done on your visit. I look forward to your upcoming review. I've had the ANAT ref II for almost a year now. What an excellent speaker, the music just flows - it's as if the musicians are in the room. I've also found the YG folks to be extremely knowledgeable and helpful. I can't imagine ever replacing them.Incidentally, I also have an ANAT ref II main module as a center speaker and a pair of Kipod Studios as rear speakers.

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A speaker is a speaker is a speaker . Where's my Taylor.

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About a year ago, I have switched my entire audio system, which to the best of my understanding was of high-quality, to a new system which includes YG Kipod speakers. The improvement in sound quality was amazing: musicality at its best, with clarity and presence almost like those of a live performance. Compared to many other speakers that I have heard, I have never experienced such sound quality. From my initial contact with Yoav Geva, and all through the purchase and installation process, I have received close professional assistance and highly personalized service

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so i guess that trip went well!

That's one huge speaker in the picture, i have speakers that are twice smaller, and the sound is loud and pure, i believe this one is just great!