World's Largest Capacitor?

Every time I passed the parts bin with this bad boy in it, I did a double take. Man, that's big!

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Are you watching Alon Wolf?

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I've seen one that was the size of a car battery. My college electronics teacher used it as a door stop. The terminals had to be grounded together with a wire because it could pick up a dangerous charge just from the atmosphere.It was a 10F capacitor.

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2.3 kF in 1997:

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I take you 2.7kF, pol098, and raise you 2.3kF _more_ lol'm sure if I wanted to spend a minute in Google to check, there would be something bigger... but... Given that around 5 years ago, your typical motherboard capacitor was 1600uF, if you convert the one in my link to a picoFarad you are looking at 5,0,0,000uF O_0 I think long entered the realm of "crazy big" haha Granted the one in the link is rated at 2.7v and our motherboard's were 6.3v to 16v, it still is nuts :)